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Birthdate:Jan 28

"All right, back to work, back to work. ....oh! And don't step on the flowers."

[series]:Final Fantasy VII
[affiliation]:Shin-Ra, Turks
[age]:About 28 Canon Updated to about 30.
[point in canon]:
Three days after Meteor Fall.
Post Advent Children Complete.
Policies:Please read here
OOC contacts:Please read here.
[forth wall]:Broken so hard, but he doesn't really care.

In The City

Status:City Dead Living, minus uber Turk speed
Phone: PHS
Affiliations:Turks, Gysahl on the Green
Living:The Temple
Roommates:Cissnei, Tseng
Former Jobs:
Head of Special Assault and Tactics
CPD: Special Assault and Tactics
City Solutions Security
Seventh Heaven Bouncer
Former Living:
Cloud's Warehouse
Building 8, Apartment 55
Former Roommates:Chii, Rude, Spock
Affection:Cissnei, Tseng, Shin, Cloud to a point..., Misao
Friends(?):Demyx, Nanako, Konata, Hiyori, Hiro
Drinking Buddies:Axel, Renji, Cloud
Left the City:Chii, Lyra, Lestat, Cornelia, Walter Bishop
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